Day 35

One of the saddest arguments I hear against healthy eating is about the sugar and carbs that lies in fruit. However, when compared the the empty calories of junk food, these natural sources have been found to be much better for you on many levels. They are not just healthier because they are natural and not refined/processed, but also because they pack a huge amount of nutrients as well. They dose you with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial perks like antioxidants and fiber.

Since I eat fruit periodically throughout the day I figured the issue was worth looking into. I was not surprised to find out that many people had fallen prey to the myths surrounding the sugar and carbs in fruits. Luckily there are also a lot of people fighting these myths and debunking them with science. So next time you pass on that banana because you think it’s not as weight friendly as a diet soda, think again!

Want to know more about the truth behind fruit sugar/carbs? Click on the image below!


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