What Spices Can Do For Your Health.

Any good cook or respectable foodie knows that a meal is not complete without spices. Not only do they improve flavor, but they can add some additional vitamins and minerals to your diet you didn’t even think about when adding your various pinches and dashes. Not to be confused with the various “miracle” claims that many people and companies try to make when it comes to herbal supplements. So, while Cinnamon won’t cause you to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, it does have the “highest antioxidant strength of all the food sources in nature.” And that is just one example! Below is a table full of spices, each one a link to the various nutritional benefits they offer. Click on your favorites to find out what benefits you are adding to each meal. Enjoy! 🙂


Anise seed

Bay leaf

Black pepper



Carom (ajwain) seeds
Cayenne pepper

Chili peppers



Cocoa beans

Coriander seeds


Fennel seeds

Fenugreek seeds


Jalapeno peppers

Mace spice

Mustard seeds



Sichuan peppercorns


Vanilla beans


Special thanks to nutrition-and-you.com for providing the much needed information above.


Using Healthy Living to Combat Depression

Feeling blue

Depression is one of the leading causes of lapses in workout routines. When we feel sad from whatever life may throw at us it makes it very hard to get motivated to even get up in the morning, let alone exercise. But I urge you to try, because medical science has actually shown that getting up and committing yourself to positive, healthy tasks like exercise can actually help you deal with your depression. It’s no cure by any means, but it will help you get there. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.) Distraction: Whatever it is you might be sad about; one of the best ways to cope is to try and get it off your mind. There is a healthy amount of time to be sad about something after it happens. But after that time we want to get back to our daily lives and it can be very hard when our own thoughts are haunting us. The best way to get rid of those thoughts? Distract yourself! Get out with friends, enjoy your favorite hobby, and hit the gym. You can focus on something else for a while to help take some of the stress caused from depression off your back, even if it’s just for part of the day. You deserve to have some normalcy in your daily routine.

2.) Self Esteem Boost: When you work out and see results, it makes you feel good. Plain and simple! It’s your hard work paying off and you deserve to feel good about looking good because of it. You also know it is making your body healthier too, so you also feel good about taking proper care of yourself. Exercising to feel better is a prime example of how to properly deal with negative emotions. I guarantee you will walk out of the gym feeling better than when you came in, mentally at least!

3.) Energy Increase: One of the main problems when one is depressed is dealing with the lethargy that comes along with it. It makes it hard to get anything done in your life while you are sad. Luckily, exercise has been proven to gives us increased amounts of energy as we commit to our routines on a regular basis. According to WebMD, “In a study published in the journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in 2008, University of Georgia researchers found that inactive folks who normally complained of fatigue could increase energy by 20% while decreasing fatigue by as much as 65% by simply participating in regular, low-intensity exercise.”

So it’s pretty clear by now; exercise can help fight depression with promising results. But it’s up to you to get up and make it happen. Do it alone if you have to, or share the struggle with some good friends. Either way it sure beats sitting around feeling worse hoping that it somehow goes away on it’s own. Don’t let your depression get the best of you. Instead, get the best of your depression! We’re all rootin’ for ya! 🙂

Getting Your Healthy Groove Back

Diet and exercise are hard; we all know that. Even those of us that dedicate weeks, months, sometimes even years to it can find ourselves slipping off our routine from time to time. Too often, however, that slip turns into a fall that we don’t get up from quick enough, if at all. Some of us might suffer an injury that keeps us out of the gym for a while, while others might just lose motivation and discipline. Whatever your reason might be, this lapse can cause us to ruin all of our hard work and place us right back at the starting line. Where can we find the motivation to do it all over again and stay on track? Three words my friend: START RIGHT NOW. Here are some steps to help you make it a bit easier to get your groove back.

1.) Start small. Just cut out the junk food and soda and start taking walks in the morning with some light weights and stretching. No one is expecting you to be an athlete right away!

2.) Get good sleep. Being well rested helps a lot when trying to find the motivation to get up and start a new, healthier day.

3.) Start back up with a friend. Whether they are just starting out too, or already have a routine, it’s more fun to work out with friends. They help keep you motivated and make the effort to stay dedicated a little easier.

After a couple weeks of this you should be able to start amping up your routine a bit more to include a more demanding workout to get the results you desire. This phase is made much easier by slowly easing your way into it. Before you know it you will be back into your old routine and feeling like a champion again. I hope this quick guide helps you get started. Good luck! 🙂