Getting Your Healthy Groove Back

Diet and exercise are hard; we all know that. Even those of us that dedicate weeks, months, sometimes even years to it can find ourselves slipping off our routine from time to time. Too often, however, that slip turns into a fall that we don’t get up from quick enough, if at all. Some of us might suffer an injury that keeps us out of the gym for a while, while others might just lose motivation and discipline. Whatever your reason might be, this lapse can cause us to ruin all of our hard work and place us right back at the starting line. Where can we find the motivation to do it all over again and stay on track? Three words my friend: START RIGHT NOW. Here are some steps to help you make it a bit easier to get your groove back.

1.) Start small. Just cut out the junk food and soda and start taking walks in the morning with some light weights and stretching. No one is expecting you to be an athlete right away!

2.) Get good sleep. Being well rested helps a lot when trying to find the motivation to get up and start a new, healthier day.

3.) Start back up with a friend. Whether they are just starting out too, or already have a routine, it’s more fun to work out with friends. They help keep you motivated and make the effort to stay dedicated a little easier.

After a couple weeks of this you should be able to start amping up your routine a bit more to include a more demanding workout to get the results you desire. This phase is made much easier by slowly easing your way into it. Before you know it you will be back into your old routine and feeling like a champion again. I hope this quick guide helps you get started. Good luck! 🙂


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