Don’t hate, Percolate!


Like millions of people around the globe, I love coffee in the morning. As I studied on how to improve my health and diet I ran into a lot of concern over BPAs in plastic and canned goods that can get into food and cause health issues down the road. It didn’t take long for me to begin wondering if my plastic coffee maker, the classic drip style I had used for years, was leeching plastic into my body one cup at a time. Sure enough after doing some research I found that my fears were not unfounded. The solution? Percolators. Well, among a few other more expensive options, like french style coffee makers as well which not only cost more, but are also more labor intensive, so… I took the more simple and cheaper route.

Percolators are probably something you remember your parents or grandparents using. You see them in old movies as well. Just about any camper who needs that morning cup of joe has one as well. They are still made to this day and with a little shopping around online you can find one in no time. Here is one that I really liked.

While your surfing the net about coffee, check out these other important topic links while you are at it! I grabbed these from the same site that talked to me about BPAs in coffee makers, EcoWatch. They are pretty awesome. Give this article and theirs a G+ please! 🙂

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