Day 56 – Healthy Muscle Gain

My goal for this diet was to get down to my target weight before the 60 days were up. Now that I have achieved that goal I wondered, well, now what? Obviously I want to stick with my diet but what other goal should I have? I decided that perhaps adding more strength to my work out and gaining some muscle mass would be a good, new goal. Why? Well… it is swimsuit season now. So, why not look good this summer to celebrate my new healthy lifestyle achievement? There is nothing more rewarding than a great self image, and a body that reflects it! 🙂

I will try to keep my new weight around 170, however depending on how much muscle mass I gain I might get up to 175. I’d rather be “slender” than “huge” so we will see how it goes. It will be a learning experience for me, and I will have to do some research to help keep me on the right track. I’ve already reached out to a friend who hits the gym on a regular basis who is full of good advice. I will keep you posted on how it goes, so stay tuned!

For more info on what “super foods” are good for muscle gain, click on the image below!


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