Day 54 – Plank Grilling

Now that summer is about to take full effect, we might as well prepare for the proper summer foods. They look, smell, and taste amazing! But, are they good for you? Not really. As much as I hate to say it ( I LOVE TO GRILL) grilled food is quite bad for you. It causes cancer, and foods like that tend to catch up to us in our older age.

The good news, however, is that this can easily be avoided while still enjoying the awesomeness that is grilled food, and the event of grilling in general. I don’t know about you, but, sitting outside next to a charcoal grill in the summer with a beer is by far one of my favorite summer activities! One healthier example is grilling salmon on a wood plank instead of directly on the grill itself. This avoids much of the smoke and other cancer causing agents that makes grilling more unhealthy than most options.

For more info about plank cooking, click on the image below.

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