Day 47 – Catching Up!

After doing the math I have realized that forgetting a couple days here and there regarding my blog has set me 4 posts behind, so I will be making up the time over the next couple blogs by doing two a day. Speaking of making up lost time, today’s health topic is scheduling!

Finding the time to be healthy is hard for young professionals like us, always running around trying to fit as much into one day as we can. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to set time aside for a workout or a healthy meal preparation. My solution is to get to bed early and wake up with some extra time before the world gets busy. I complete my work out and prepare my meals before most people’s alarms are going off! That way when the busy day begins I am already prepared to be healthy throughout.

Finding time to squeeze in extra healthy decisions, like small walks and relaxation time is a continuing challenge, however. Some solutions are easy, like when I use my breaks for walks outside, and I use my time before bed to relax and meditate if needed. But for some people this is not an easy option, especially those with kids. I say to you, my parenting friend, that you should include your kids in your healthy decisions in the evening! Helping them with their homework can be easy, relaxing, and fun! And getting outside to cook and play is much of the same, and is good for everyone! 🙂

For more info about how to schedule your good health throughout the day, click on the image below!

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