Day 44 – A Healthy Smile

Dental health is very important to us health nuts. We don’t just worry about our digestive systems and our waistlines, but our other body parts too, like our teeth for example. Quite a bit of time can be dedicated to discussing the importance of good dental hygiene, but also to the foods that support it! I’m sure you have heard many times that calcium is good for your bones, but it is also great for your teeth! Ergo, getting lots of healthy dairy in your meals is a good idea.

The other food groups, however, are equally important since your teeth contain more than calcium rich hardness, but soft insides as well which need lots of different vitamins and minerals to be strong. And let’s not forget those gums! Healthy eating habits along with regular brushing and flossing help promote good gum health, and will benefit everything else in your mouth for that matter!

Don’t buy into some of the myths about dental health, however. My favorite is that chewing sugar free gum is good for your teeth. While this is somewhat true, the aspartame found in most sugar free products has very negative side effects according to several independent studies (not promoted by the food industry). Don’t believe me? Ask the air force! They tell their pilots to avoid aspartame because of the damage it does to your nerves (namely their eyes) alone, not to mention the plethora of other negative side effects it’s been shown to have. So chewing sugar free gum all day is NOT good for you, and I was sad to give it up because I loved chewing gum. Sugary gum is no better either, sadly, and who wants to chew flavorless? Yuk! But, I digress.

Click on the image below to learn more about what kinds of foods are good for your teeth, and why!


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