Day 33 – Something to Chew On

It’s hard to resist wolfing down your food, especially when it’s the perfect combination of you being hungry and the food being delicious. I myself tend to inhale my food because now that my system is used to meals at the same time each day combined with lot’s of exercise; I am STARVING by the time food hits my plate (which is a good thing, it means my metabolism is working properly). But do I chew well? No. Until today.

I’ve heard off and on my whole life that chewing your food thoroughly is a good thing. But why? Something about digestion right? Well, yes, but to be more specific it has a lot to do with how your system processes the food, starting with your stomach. Actually, to be technically correct here, it starts with your saliva.

Click on the image below to learn more about how chewing helps not just aid in comfort during digestion, but actually helps you absorb nutrients more effectively.



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