Day 26

As gross of a topic as it may be, digestion, and the tail end of it, is an important part of diet discussion. That’s right, folks. I’m talking about going number 1 and 2. Yesterday we talked about proper hydration, and it pretty much took care of number 1 (if you read the article that is). However, number 2 is a different matter (although hydration does affect it).

I have read about this topic before, but I recently looked into it again today because, even after day 25, my system is still taking its sweet time getting used to my new high fiber diet. It’s nothing too disconcerting, but, it has been enough for me to consult the experts. I have read that it can in fact take several weeks for one’s system to get used to a new diet (1). I was also told by the same source to gradually get my system used to the change by introducing them slowly.

Anyways. Enough about my bathroom exploits. What about YOURS? One of the biggest clues into your digestive health is how your BMs look, smell, feel, and how long they take. Yea, it’s gross, but it’s important. Click on the image and links below for more info. Get the scoop on poop!



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