Day 24

Eating healthy on a budget is by far the biggest challenge I have had to face with my new healthy lifestyle. Choosing to buy nothing but organic foods has nearly doubled the cost of my grocery list. BUt as time goes on I am learning a few tricks here and there about how to save a few bucks on a healthy diet.

1.) Make a spreadsheet with each item and how much it costs as well as the grand total. Try finding cheaper alternatives for each item (not skimping on the nutrient value of course) and bringing the total down as much as you can. For example, bananas and oranges are much cheaper than exotic fruits like pomegranate.

2.) Eat smaller portions of the expensive stuff. Salmon is my most expensive item which is why I limit my intake to one small fillet a day max. Choose healthy, cheaper fillers to help increase meal size to compensate, like wild/brown rice, salad, oats, yogurt, or fruits and veggies.

3.) Take advantage of sales/coupons whenever you can. Sometimes spending double your normal price on a food item that is on sale so that you get THREE times as much of it, or more, is worth it in the long run!

Click on the image below for more healthy savings tips!


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