Day 19

Today was a good day for my diet. I set a new record for my morning run and I resisted the urge to celebrate my new job with drinking beer and settled with a bottle of Merlot instead; much less empty carbs and sugar. Some days it’s tough sticking to these strict health rules, but in the end it is very worth it! I also did some reading on how to not let alcohol ruin your diet. Click here for more info!

On that note, I have added the following items to my diet to aid in closing some dietary gaps. The more nutrition I can pack into my system on a daily basis, the better! Click on the image of each food for more info on it’s nutritional value.

Scallions – For a ton of vitamins and minerals

More Seafood! (Mollusks, Crustaceans, Fish) – for protein, Vitamin B12, and Omega-3s

Whole Wheat Flour/Bread – A healthy complex carb source

Tomatoes – for another huge dose of vitamins and minerals

Oranges – For Potassium and Vitamin C

Lowfat Organic Cheese (Mainly Swiss) – For calcium, B12, protein, and other dairy benefits


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