Day 18

Day 18 was pretty good. I actually gained a pound. The good news is that I’m pretty sure it’s from muscle and not fat. I have been running a lot and I believe that the increased muscle mass in my legs is the culprit… ladies…

So speaking of running. Yesterday we talked about getting energy from natural, healthy sources like fruits and vegetables, proteins, complex carbs, etc. Another good source of energy is tea and coffee. When used in moderation these natural sources of caffeine can actually provide many health benefits, benefits that have been researched for decades so the science is solid. They each have their own list of healthy perks, many of which overlap, which is why I include a few cups (of either one) in my daily intake.

I’m especially a big fan of green tea with a twist of lemon. But a hot cup of black coffee with some cinnamon is also good. Click on the images below for more info on the health benefits of each!

Lets start with my favorite; tea.

Now let’s check out coffee.

And finally, let’s take a look at Caffeine in general.

Of course, like all things (even healthy foods) moderation is the best practice. Too much caffeine can have very bad results, and caffeine addiction is no fun for anyone. I have found that keeping my intake in moderate amounts spread throughout the day keeps my body in balance well enough without getting hooked. I also make sure not to start my day with it. That is, I don’t roll out of bed and chug a cup of coffee to wake up and stave off the withdrawal headache. That’s dependence and is not a good thing.

I normally wait a little longer after getting up, do my morning routine, and then have a small cup of coffee/tea before my morning run. It helps me get my metabolism and digestive system going strong, and gives me a little extra energy for my workout. The stronger your morning workout, the longer your metabolism will burn throughout the day.

Here are some additional sources:


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