Day 11

Day 11 of my diet proved to be very exciting for me, and not just because it was my birthday! After weighing myself this morning after my workout I found that I have now lost about 12 lbs. On average that’s over a pound a day! A lot of it was simply not having as much food backed up in my system, like my old unhealthy eating habits would cause. However, a good amount of it was also shedding fat from my midsection. I can almost see my abs! Needless to say I was pretty pumped after stepping off the scale. I rewarded myself with some homemade vegetable juice which was delicious, and a grapefruit which is one of my favorite snacks. Citrus, especially grapefruit because it’s low in sugar, is a good way to help shed excess weight. Click on the image below for more info.



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