Day 6

Well, I successfully made it through the day while I was out of town without caving in to the desire to break my diet by eating out. I made sure to eat both my fruit smoothie and salad beforehand, as well as some black coffee on the ride down, to last me through the day until I got home. I also decided to cut back on a couple things within my diet starting tomorrow. For starters I will be going down to half a banana a day instead of a whole one in an effort to decrease my sugar and carb intake. While it’s at a pretty healthy level at this point, I feel that it’s just a tad bit too high for steady weight loss. I seem to be froze at losing 2 pounds and can’t get below that, so it’s worth a try. I will also shrink my salad sizes a bit. They have grown a bit larger since I added red onion and celery to the mix, so it shouldn’t cause too much stress.

I think I might also try filling the gaps between meals early in the day with more tea and coffee, both of which have health benefits if taken in moderation. Click on the image below to learn more!



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