Day 4

I am happy to report that on day 4 I am really beginning to feel the benefits of my all health food diet. I feel more alert, have more energy, and I have lost about 2 pounds. The best part is that since I have lost the weight with a combination of daily exercise, I am not experiencing weight loss “flab” like some people do when resorting to extreme diets. That is where their skin doesn’t keep up with their rapid weight loss and sags around them, causing the much unwanted flab and stretchmarks. My skin tightens as I am losing weight thanks to a combination of proper nutrients and energy burn, or so I’m told by the experts in the various related fields. They all agree that diet must be combined with daily exercise in order to, not just lose weight properly and in a healthy manner, but to get that coveted fit physical appearance as well. The secret to this is easy!


1.) Don’t lose weight too fast! I make sure to include whole oat grains and small amounts of olive oil in my diet just for this reason. Healthy sources of carbs and fat in small amounts will help keep you fit while providing your body with just the right amount of fat and energy to burn in your workouts instead of forcing it to excessively target fat reserves which, when lost too quickly, causes saggy skin flab later on. You want to find a balance where those reserves are burned slowly over the course of a couple weeks, not in a couple days. Click on the images above for more info on the health benefits of olive oil and whole oats!

Cold water being poured into a glass.

2.) Drink plenty of water. I include a glass of water with every meal, and usually one or two in between. My new diet is already loaded with a lot of water in and of itself, so drinking water in addition to that makes it easy to hit my daily requirement (about 6-8 glasses depending on how much outdoor activity you are into). Also, according to Ben Greenfield, Get-Fit Guy, “Water is a crucial component of maintaining skin elasticity” which was something I did not know. So, drink up! Click on the water image above for more info about the health benefits of your water intake.


1.) Ben Greenfield, Get-Fit Guy’s Article:


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