Day 2

The diet has gotten easier during the second day. My system no longer feels as hungry as it did on day 1. The lasting power of my recipe has proven to be a success! I have decided, however, to mix certain ingredients separately instead of doing them all in one. This will help with the taste. I think that by keeping the fruits, vegetables, and grains separate I will enjoy the diet even more. As long as they are taken in the same amounts, 3 times a day, then it should be fine.

Of course it’s natural to expect cravings for the old unhealthy foods I used to eat. But I believe these will fade over the next week or so once my body get’s used to this new diet. Most people who have actually stuck to a healthy diet say that they no longer crave junk food and in fact crave the new health foods they had been eating. I believe this will occur with me as well. I look forward to the day when a dark green salad sounds more delicious than a greasy pizza!

So, stay tuned for day 3!



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