Healthy Lifestyle: Day 1

Greetings all, and thanks for reading! I began this blog to track the progress of my new healthy lifestyle. I figure the more effort I put into it, the more likely I am to stick to it. Making it public to my friends and family helps me stay dedicated thanks to good ol’ fashioned accountability, like a kid in front of a mall cop.

The point is my new health goals are going to be hard to stick to, and I will need all the support I can muster from caring people like you, so thanks again for stopping by. Be sure to bug me about how it’s going, how miserable I am, and give advice on how to take one’s mind off of pizza. You may also feel free to join me as I engage on my quest for better health, better life, and better self. Together we can improve the quality of our lives one good decision at a time.

I guess I should explain what it is I’m actually doing before I start asking for support though right? For all you know I could be asking you to back me up while I begin a lifestyle of shark wrestling and building a tolerance to iocane powder. I assure you my goals are much healthier and safer than that.

All joking aside, I don’t want anyone to worry. I am in decent health already and have not suddenly took a turn for the worst like most people who start a new health regimen. In fact I am doing this as a preemptive approach to good health in hopes of making my older years that much easier. I also wish to see if what I keep hearing is true; that a healthy diet and lifestyle can truly improve one’s health so dramatically that many of their physical and mental ailments recede, or disappear altogether. I have dealt with asthma and allergies my whole life, so I’m hoping these healthy decisions at least help alleviate them. I’m also looking forward to seeing my abs again!

Now let’s give credit where it’s due. This whole idea is thanks to a couple amazing documentaries I had the pleasure of watching recently, as well as the knowledge I have accumulated through college and after. My friend Sarah, a nutritionist, was also a major factor in my decision making. They all helped open my eyes to a few truths I could not afford to ignore. Most recently, however, were the documentaries I mentioned.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was the first documentary (available on Netflix btw) I watched that was strictly about the benefits of a hard-core, high-nutrition diet. Joe Cross’ “juicing” diet was monitored closely by him and his doctor alike. He stuck to it for 60 days after realizing his health was too poor to ignore. He was ill, on daily medication, and overweight.

After 60 days (and a fun road trip while doing it) Joe’s diet worked. His health and weight dramatically improved, his body adjusted well, and he was able to stop taking his medication. I was amazed by this, and after hearing time and time again from multiple reliable sources that healthy diets are not just for nuts and animals, I finally decided to stop ignoring the advice. I decided to take the plunge, and you should too! Thousands of other people have done the same and they all swear by the results. Finally; a diet with no gimmicks that actually works.

The second inspiration for my decision came from Pedram Shojai’s clarifying documentary, Vitality (also available on Netflix). It was the catalyst that sealed my fate. Joe’s film was a feel-good adventure, but Vitality was truly inspiring. It emphasizes the need for not just diet to help improve your health, but exercise, sleep, and mindset as well. We have all heard this stuff since highschool, but, I think we could all use a refresher now and again. This film did that for me and more. It got me excited about choosing to be healthier, something that doesn’t come easy for anyone. And in order to truly make a lasting change in your life, you have to want it more than anything.

A few other documentaries worth mentioning that I watched recently as well are: Farmageddon, Resitance, Hungry for Change, and Vanishing of the Bees. These films added more to my knowledge base about the issue of food and health in our country, the reckless use of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and so on. All these things became deciding factors in my plan for a healthier life, and I highly recommend looking into the issues as well. Make sure to check your sources!

So I will be starting with the juicing diet mixed with healthy sources of fiber, whole grains, and proteins, as well as a balanced exercise routine, a strict sleep schedule, and setting time aside for meditation, all on a daily basis.

Additional Sources:

1.) Joe Cross’ Blog –

2.) Vitality the Movie at –

3.) WebMD’s page on Juicing –


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